Making lasagne. . . Southern-gardening style


Who knew I’d become an avid gardener once I became a part-time Southern gal?  Well, it’s true, and last Fall I read about a “lasagne garden” seminar at our local farmer’s market.  Were they talking about growing tomatoes, basil, and other Italian accoutrements?  No, it was how to make layers of new, yummy, rich soil and the kicker was. . .it was EASY.  That’s for me. . .keep my life simple’n’easy.  Who wants to DIG when you could just pile up garbage?!

First task, collect newspapers, junk mail, paper.  Well, we don’t get mail here in Beaufort, so I sent Don off to the library on the last day of the “Lowcountry News” date and he spirited away lots of outdated papers.

So now I soak all these papers, plus toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, used napkins, and any paper I can get my hands on, in buckets of water for a few hours (while we bike to the YMCA. . .who knew it was 2.5 miles away?  Another story. . .)

Next I haul the bucket of wet stuff out in front of our lattice fence.  I can just picture happy zinnias popping up next spring.  I spread the wet papers onto the ground, but I can’t make the new bed too wide or the mailman will drive over it.  He actually stopped while I was doing this and I gave him a warning!

Yes, those are Christmas decorations still up.  Wait, it’s only January.

Next comes the layers.  Shall I admit to y’all that I froze all my garbage in PA over the past few weeks and brought it with me to SC?  Nah, that would be too scary. . .but it’s true!  Peelings, scraps, and leftovers went into my freezer and were transported down here.

I added a sprinkling of frozen crinum lily leaves, soggy elephant ears, and spent cannas.  Now the top layer, some $1.33/bag composted manure from Lowe’s.. . .

Oh, yes, and a smattering of leaves from the water oak and assorted Southern deciduous types.

And for the final touch, a few bits of southern mozzarella. . .aka Spanish moss. . .just to give it some Southern flavor!

Water liberally and watch this 8 inch high pie disintegrate into rich soil, with no digging and churning up weed seeds.  Come visit us next summer to see the flowers popping up outside the garden fence. . . unless they get borrowed by some moonlight walker wanting to woo his lady!

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