Christmas is. . .all about family


Being the busy people we are, somehow we were not able to all get together for a Christmas celebration at or near Christmas.   So, this past weekend, here in Beaufort, SC we put up the decorations, gathered the family, and had Christmas!!  Thought I’d share some of the photos:

Every girl needs to wear sparkly shoes to open presents, especially a big one!

It’s a Plasma Car!!

G found “the pickle” outside on the camellia bush!

It was also a time of reading long-remembered books. . .Socks for Supper. . .read to Ben by his own mom and dad probably hundreds of times.  Now he gets to read it to his little girl.

We used a truly vintage, plastic tablecloth from my own childhood. . .1950’s chic. . .Christmas on one side, birthday on the other. . .does anyone else remember those??

Gemma explaining the pansy faces to Papa.

Aunt Cat making potato cakes for Sunday breakfast. . .

Nonna and G reading another family favorite, Popcorn by Frank Asch.

Posing with pansies. . .

Is that a little nose-pick with Uncle Marty and Daddy??

Gemma had a lot of fun playing in the IKEA hamper from her bedroom.  She put Miss Bunny into it, along with books and toys.

 She read to Miss Bunny, used the hamper as a jumping sack, and considered it her own private playground.

But, wait, wait, the picture of the weekend, taken by Ben, is coming. . .

It’s coming. . .

And here it is:

Merry Christmas to all. . .and to all a Good Night!!

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