Dataw Island. . .a sweet destination


Exactly 11.0 miles from our door is the entrance to Dataw Island.  Add another 3.4 to that and you get to one of our favorite spots, Sweetgrass Restaurant.  On yet another beautiful Sunday, we took us and our bikes on a long ride, out to Sweetgrass for brunch.

Sorry, no photos of us having lunch on their porch. . .we were sweaty and nasty by then, but never mind, Tiffany our server took good care of us.  After a luscious lunch, we headed home, complete with fresh water bottles and full tummies.

But first we biked past the clubhouse, scene of Jill and Ben’s wedding.  We reminisced about the lovely, gracious Southern event.  Can’t you just see the bride floating down the right hand staircase with her father while the guys awaited her on the left hand stairs?

And here she is!!

Ah. . .we remembered. . .and then we biked onward. . .

Do y’all know about tabby walls??  They’re an indigenous building method here in the Low Country, using oyster shells and sand to create concrete.  There’s an outstanding tabby wall at the Dataw entrance.

 Tabby wall close up. . .looks like a bunch of shell, and it IS, but together they create a very strong wall.  Down here in Beaufort there’s all sorts of things made of tabby. . . sidewalks, sea walls, decorative items.

We biked home, putting another 30+ miles on our “training schedule.”  (Follow us on the blog as we put all this biking to good use in Holland in April!)   Along the way, happy memories of a delightful lunch, a beautiful bike ride, and the recollection of the Dataw wedding of our two kids!

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