Montezuma, with no revenge


Another hot and beautiful day here in CR. Off to the waterfall at Montezuma, a short 7 miles away.

HAH. . .7miles here is like 30 back home. . . Over dusty, unpaved roads, one lane only. Maryann here at La Hacienda suggested we go on their ATVs!! sure, if we had a death wish! Better to take our honkin big SUV with AC.

The10minute walk to the falls turned into 30 minutes for the over 60 crowd. No broken ankles for this twosome, please. So, clambering over boulders, slushing through watery inlets, holding onto the roots and branches that seemed to be in the exact right places, we made it to the falls. At one point we couldn’t figure out how to get past a rock cliff and then discovered this little ingenuity . . .


We knew we were close, and finally, here it was. . .


The inky black water was too inviting. . .


Cool, refreshing. . .move over, Samantha Brown, you’ve got nothin on me, sistah!!

Up above we heard some familiar sounds, sort of like a dog being run over by a car. . . Often heard about 5am. . .


Cute little howler monkeys, known to poop on you if they want you out of their space!!!

You can really work up a thirst and a hunger trekking over boulders, sooooo. . .

<img src="
-212323.jpg” alt=”20120305-212323.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />

Fish and avocado seviche, all washed down with the national drink. . .


Being the terrible lush that I am, one beer made me oh, so sleepy, so we bumped home over the dusty roads and I finished the afternoon with a luscious nap.

Montezuma, a dusty little coastal town with a waterfall I’m glad I didn’t miss.

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