Turn left at Cobano. . .


So, today we left Mal Pais and headed to Tamarindo. A few choices. . .follow the west coast beach road which is unpaved, follow the east coast shore road which is unpaved, or take the short cut through the middle of the Nicoya Peninsula which is, you guessed it, unpaved.

“Lin,” says Don, “I made a list of the towns we’ll go through, so all you have to do is follow the map and see where we are.” OK, easy. Up through the middle.

Now, picture a country lane, barely one car width wide, pot-holed, wash-board, gravel, the occasional puddle. We felt a little like adventurers, and didn’t pass a single car!! Pushing thoughts of badly-ended tourist stories from our mind, we forged ahead. After all, we had a full tank of gas, plenty of water, lunch, and a map.

Still, no cars. . . And no towns.

Then over the hood of the car we saw. . .


“oh, crap” says me. I got out of the car and walked to the edge of the smallish river.

“Now I officially feel like I’m in Romancing the Stone.”

So do we turn around and go back? Maybe they’re just building the road, we think, and this is where it stops.


Lucky for us, it’s the dry season, and we took a closer look at the river. . .


“OK, so this is why we rented a 4×4 tank , and we’re goin through,” says me ( not being the driver).

So if you’re reading this, you can deduce that we did not drown in the river, we found that the road continued on the other side in a field, we eventually rode through some towns, we made it to Tamarindo.

That big, tall rum’n’coke waiting for us here at Villa Andalucia was among the best we ever tasted.

Pura Vida.


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