La Grande Avventura, Chapter UNO


I’ve arrived! The flight from PHL to Rome was seamless. I sat beside a young couple with a little girl about a year older than Gemma. I had her practicing “Ciao a tutti!”. Hi, everyone!

I’ve developed my own recipe for avoiding jet lag, which was minimal for me for the first time in my traveling life. Here’s my formula:
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate before and during the flight with water.
Use nasal spray before and during the flight.
Use eye drops before and during the flight.
Take 2 melatonin tablets after dinner.
No alcohol.
Use an eye shade ( I got a free one once, never used it, now wouldn’t travel without it.)
Know that I’ll get a few decent naps.

I honestly felt the best that I’ve ever felt when I collected my luggage and started the day.

So I’m chilling out for a day, then to the train into Rome and off to meet Telma aka Donna! Here’s my hotel, a good one about ..10 min from FCO airport.

Oh, by the way, ho mangio pranzo alle l’albergo e ho regulato in Italiano! Il camierere capirmi!

I ate lunch at the hotel and ordered in Italian. The waiter understood me!


Wait, wasn’t I just looking at palm trees in Costa Rica??

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