La Grande Avventura, Capitolo Due


Can it already be Thursday of my first week in Montepulciano? I’ll update you, my dear friends, and will make no apologies for my enthusiasm.

I arrived in Chiusi on the train from Rome, on which there was some Italian drama. The compartment in which I was supposed to sit was locked, jammed apparently on some trip from Napoli. The five of us who were to be in the compartment were told ( and this is all in Italian of course, but I got the gist of it) that we could take a later train. Happily, a fellow traveller threw a slight hissy fit, and before long we were told we could go in ” prima classe.”. So for my 9 € mini-fare I got a first class, comfy seat!!

I breathed a sigh of relief when I spotted my sidekick, Telma, of Telma and Luisa’s Grande Avventura. Whisking me away to her home in Radicofani, we twisted and turned through the Tuscan countryside. What a delight met my eyes. . . Her 500+ year old stone home in a pastoral setting with sheep, rabbits, and wheat fields for neighbors. Our first lunch was on her terrace. . .


A few photos of this lovely abode. .


And now a photo of Montepulciano . . .in the distance behind this wannabe Italian Nonna!! take note. . .we park at the base of the town and walk up to il Sasso every morning! Che forte polpaccio!!


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  1. Don has kept us updated on your trip! I would never be able to function after wine with lunch! Enjoy and we’ll see you soon – Betty and Lee

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