La Grande Avventura di Telma e Luisa. Capitolo tre. . .abbiamo mangiato Molto bene!!


So is it even possible to have a bad meal in Italy? No, no, e no!!! Donna, being our local expert, having lived here in her great apartment. . .great apartment could really guide us to some great spots. Here goes. . .

Our first school lunch at La Dolce Vita in Montepulciano





In between there was the occasional pizza


And dinner one night with Donna’s neighbors. . . Pierpaolo, Claudia, Alle, and Flora. . . A few bottles of wine were consumed!!


today, Easter, I began my lunch with carcofi al forno. . .baked artichokes, which are abundant, small, and purple in the market.


But lest you think we are only here to eat, read on ( when I have wifi connections) to learn about the most wonderful Italian school on the planet. . . Il Sassoil Sasso

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