La Grande Accentura. . .capitolo Quattro. . .abbiamo impararo Italiano!!


Once upon a time, I did not learn a language in high school. I did take two years of Latin, which I liked. But no spoken language for me. The reasons were sticky, and suffice to say,my career trajectory was NOT to be academic or professional.

But it’s never too late to have a happy childhood!!! YAY!!!

A few years ago I became enamored with Italy. I recall during a walk through Ascoli Piceno with Don and Dwight of I said, ” I’m going to go home and learn Italian.”

So after 30+ years of the professional career which was NOT to be, I decided to learn what wasn’t available to me back in the day. Ergo. . . Italiano!!

Enter Donna.


She discovered the best language school on the planet. . .<a

  • href=””>

    And here we are!!!


    We use an all-Italian text, of course, because we’re IMMERSED in italian!!!



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