L’avventura continuato . .il Casale, pecorino azienda biological (Capitolo cinque)


The Val d’orcia region is known for many things, among them wonderful pecorino cheese. On Friday a few of us for school visited il Casale, a small organic farm nearby. We had a bit of a quasi Telma and Luisa moment when we thought we were lost on “strada bianca” (white, dusty roads) but there’s always an upside to making a wrong turn . . .


But we did find the podere. . .


Where we met a most enthusiastic cheese-maker named Sandra. . . Now Italian but from swizerra


On the farm was a peacock named Caruso who was having a love affair with a car. really!! He kept pecking the tires and preening himself!


I wondered what ancient Etruscan secrets the walls held. . .


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