L’Avventura. . . Finite. . .capitolo undici


I finished my due settimane at il Sasso on tredieci venerdi. Two weeks was a perfec

    Length of time for me. I have plenty to absorb and practice. I made progress, and what surprises me the most is when I speak to someone in my fragile Italian and they seem to understand me. Of course, my verb tenses suck, my articles are hopeless, my vocabulary stumbling, but I’m moving onward. I’m eager to continue and am trying to figure out when I could return to il Sasso.


    Sara, the angel who gave me two private lessons, me, Costanza, the teacher who immersed me in language that I could mostly understand, and Roberta, who gave me faster ears so that I could occasionally follow an actual conversation.


    All students had lunch together on our final day. . .


    A few final looks at Montepulciano , a most delight-filled hilltown!




    And finally, a candle lit in my local chiesa, just a few steps from my house. . . Throughout my time here, Cat's mother has been very ill and I've lit countless candles and offered countless prayers on her behalf. This candle will burn for a week or more, and my prayer is for all my family, our children, those in our midst and those yet to be born, and for gratitude for the life with which I've been blessed.


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