L’Avventura. . . Montepulciano. . . .capitolo nove


Way back in October, when Donna told me that il Sasso was in Montepulciano, well, that just clinched the deal for me. My first encounter here with this most charming and perfect Tuscan hilltown was July 6, 2009, the day my beloved Gemma was born!! We were simply walking on a cloud as we digested the news of her early entrance into our lives.

Don and I returned in October of 2010 to go to one of my favorite stores, L’erbolisteria, to purchase my favorite perfume. . . Papavero e fico.

But to actually live there, go to school, walk the cobbled streets, climb the hills, really LEARN the town. . .well, I had to pinch myself to realize I hadn’t died and gone to heaven! Just take a look . . .



The view from my window. . .


the view from my terrace at Gabriella’s



At Gattavecchi , one of my favorite ristorantes, in their ancient Etruscan cellars. . .


Come to Montepulciano. . . .

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