L’Avventura non con Telma. . . Ma continua!!


Telma/Donna has gone home. She graduated from il Sasso. . . The intermediate program. . . And now I live right in the heart of Montepulciano with Gabriella.

Gabriella is a retired teacher and lives around the corner from il Sasso. After climbing 52 ancient steps, you reach her rooftop paradise. . . .


On Easter Monday, I told Gabriella that I thought I’d fare un passiegata. . . Take a walk, but she had different ideas. There was a special market in a nearby town, Citte delle Pieve, and off we went. Well, there were foods from around the country, vendors galore, and beautiful weather. First stop. . . Arancine from Sicily. . . A bit of heaven from a deep fryer. . .a rice ball the size of an orange, stuffed with meat, cheese, peas, and ragu. Can you taste it??




Of course, wine was on the menu and today it was a wonderful sagrantino from Montefalco, a nearby Umbrian town where don and I have spent some time, drunk some sagrantino, and eaten some outlandishly delicious food. .




Afternoon macchiato. . . Never a cappucino in the afternoon, as i later learned some italian coffee customs!

And on the way home, a short jaunt to Lago di Chiusi, one of three lakes in the area. . .


All in all, an amazing Pasquetta! Grazie Mille, Gabriella!!!

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