I.. .AMsterdam. . .day one


Well, You can hardly avoid walking through the flower market, because we live so close to it, and it’s enroute to lots of destinations, Oh, to fight the urge to buy those bulbs that are as big as the biggest grapefruits. I’ll just enjoy them here and imagine blooms this lush in Beaufort!!


Hmmm. . . Could I take just ONE calla, one of my all time favorites??



No, no, and no. . . So I will simply enjoy the blooms here!

Next stop. . .


As Lee says, ” if it’s free, it’s for me!”. We discovered that there is a free wednesday noontime concert, so by shortly after 11 am we were in line. It was to be piano concert, and that made my heart sing! I love piano music.


The artist was Thomas Beijer. I kept wondering if his hands or fingers were insured. His playing was absolutely brilliant, as you would expect in one of the world’s foremost concert halls. I felt spiritually filled up. What a marvelous gift it was to be there!

Close by was the Van Gogh Museum. Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t love Van Gogh? Ironically, there’s a van gogh exhibit in Philly right now, and we suspect that some of the famous paintings that wee missing in Amsterdam are probably at home in Philly!!

For four glorious and tiring hours we explored the permanent exhibit and the special exhibit of nature pieces. Of course, no photos allowed. HOWEVER, about half way through, we just had to take a break. I don’t know if it was the weariness of the travel journeys or the emotional impact of being immersed in so much greatness, but I felt an immediate and compelling need for tea and something delicious.

Aha, renewal. . . We finished the last bit of the museum, watched the movie on Van Gogh’s life, and walked home.

Hungry again, we went around the corner for dinner. Allora, the evening special was gone. I guess we needed to switch from the Italian schedule of eating at 7:30 or later to the Dutch schedule of eating dinner around 6 ish. No matter. . .I ordered fish and I ate the whole thing!!


Raining again, we walked through the Red Light district, and I kept thinking of Julia Roberts’ lime n

Pretty Woman/blockquote>, ” this isn’t every little girl’s dream, you know.”. The girls in the windows were young, pretty, desirable. Who are they and what is their life’s story?


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