I. . .AMsterdam


So let’s just start this out right. . .


A year ago, during a kayak trip with Kim and David of Beaufort Kayaks a fellow traveler mentioned that they had gone on a bike’n’barge trip in Holland. “Hmmmm . . . Sounds like an adventure to me.” Fast forward a year and here we are in Amsterdam, with our friends Betty and Lee Shoemaker, ready to embark upon a one week bike trip to see tulips and small towns in Holland. We will go with Bike and the Like, beginning tomorrow, Saturday, April 21-28. In the meantime, we’ve arrived in Amsterdam a few days early to acclimatize, tour, and explore!

Betty, Lee, and Don arrived on Tuesday morning from Philadelphia and I arrived, bedraggled and very tired, from Rome on Tuesday evening. They were all beginning to worry, and it was then that Don discovered that he didn’t have any flight info for me. Never mind, I found my way on EasyJet, then another train, a metro, and wandered the streets, pulling my bags, until I stumbled upon our street. . .


Right on one of the canals. . .


And a fabulous apartment it is. . .



Thank you, tripadvisor, for reviews. We managed to find two one bedroom apartments, one up/one down, right on the canal, beautifully appointed, cozy, well-equipped, great location. . . 23 Raamgracht. I would highly a recommend it if you’re coming to Amsterdam. I’ll be writing a great review on Tripadviso, too!

Here’s me lounging in Betty and Lee’s window, not quite what you think about when you think about “windows” in Amsterdam (which, btw, we are very close to).


after a glorious night’s sleep, we were ready to head out to explore. . .

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