Siena, Italy. . . .a return visit


Nearly three years ago, Don, Marty, Cat, and I spent five days in Siena, living the days before and then the actual Palio di Siena. Pazzi!! crazy!!

Since I was just a bus ride away, my friend and fellow student, Rene and I decided to go. It was pouring rain, which continued throughout the day. But Toscana is “secco” dry, so the rain was much-needed. Off we went. . .

Now when we were in Siena those three years ago, I met a most marvelous woman named Diana Iorio. Even though we had just minimal contact, we’ve kept in touch. She is a member of il Bruco contrade in Siena. She suggested that I stop by a small shop on il campo to visit her friend Leonardo. Say no more, I’m there!!


Leonardo owns Antica Siena, right on the il campo, and of course I had to purchase two small bowls to take home, we had a wonderful chat, he gave me an umbrella to withstand the pouring rain, and off we went to the most beautiful duomo in all of Italy ( in my humble opinion)!!

The Siena duomo is magnificent, with busts of bishops, an entire marble engraved marble floor ( mostly covered). But the place I like best is the chapel on the left hand side who h you enter through a small door. You look up, and then you nearly weep from the vibrant beauty of the frescoes that have been untouched for 500 years and look as bright and happy as if they were painted yesterday.



The floor of the chapel is a mosaic . . .



If I had to choose one special place in all of my travels, it would be this chapel in Siena. To me, the color, the sheer volume of work, the setting, the exquisiteness. . .well, it all adds up to perfection. Go see it for yourself, Go.


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