Biking Holland. . . An unfinished blog day


If you think that the previous day’s blog seemed unfinished, you’re right. In the midst of writing the blog, we received the news that our daughter-in law’s mother, Rosalie, passed away. We’re deeply saddened.

We first met Rosalie when our son and Cat were engaged and we were invited to their house as a surprise. she flung open the door, greeted us with a bear hug and yelled, “Meet the Fockers, Meet the Fockers!!!” We were overwhelmed with food, fun, conversation, laughter, food, and love!! Rosalie was an effervescent spirit, a loving mother and wife, and just a doggone nice woman. I never got to know her well enough.

We wanted Rosalie and Louie to take us to Brooklyn, their old stomping grounds. we tried to plan it last Easter, but couldn’t get our act together.

We last saw Lou and Rosalie at the surprise anniversary party our kids gave us in August 2010. Rosalie and I emailed occasionally, hoping for a time when we might be grandmas together, or hoping for a visit together.

We’ll miss Rosalie. It was a privilege to know her. Farewell to a wonderful mother who opened her heart and her home to three kids who have all grown into amazing adults.


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