so our first trip to Italy in 2009 we called “UNO.” Our second trip in 2010 we called “Due.”. The third trip was a solo trip, as you know, and called L’avventura grande di Telma e Luisa. so now I’m on my fourth trip, and I guess you could actually say this is Don’s fourth trip because he was here when he was in college, so officially this trip is QUATTRO.


Our hosts, Marialuisa Sillitti, met us at the airport, and what a welcome site they were!! Our flight was an hour and a half late and we were just draggin’!! They drove us to their wonderful home, which we had found through homestaybooking

Our beautiful room and bathroom. . .



Me, just a little tired. . .


Dinner was ready for us in 15 minutes, and we were grateful for delicious warm soup, fresh bread and fresh cheese, wine, and a cannoli. The bed was perfect and we slept for 12 hours!!!!

This morning after a wonderful breakfast, we learned that we were within walking distance of the famous EATALY, the origin of the slow food movement which has traveled worldwide. So off we set. First we had to walk through the now- deserted Olympic village. Quite spooky, actually. To think that the eyes of the world were on this exact spot just 6 years ago, and now it’s virtually deserted and graffitied.



But just behind this ghost town is the world famous. . .


Combine Wegman’s, Southern Season, Harrod’s food halls, and mix in steroids ( well, no, you couldn’t because everything here is organic, beautiful, and drug-free!!). . . . Well, you get the picture. It’s a gastronome’s delight. We ate lunch, roamed, and bought a few things for a “spuntini cena” ( snack supper) tonight.

Prosciutto heaven. . .


Don inspecting the cheese. . .


The parmigianno reggiano rounds. . .


OK, that’s all for now folks. We walked home, had our snacks, and are now sitting in bed, catching up, and getting ready to sleep another12 hours!!! Buona notte!

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  1. Sounds like we had similar experiences: 2 trains cancelled, running from platform #15 to #4, getting in later than expected, salad and pizza take out for supper and best sleep since we left home! Miss you already!

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