Quattro . . . .Torino


I guess we brought the rain with us from Holland. BIg gushing bucket-fulls. Soaking feet wet-fulls. But as Marialuisa says, ” if you wait for it to stop raining in Turin, you’ll never do anything!!”. So off we set for Museo Egitsi. . .the Egyptian museum, second best in the world, only to be outdone by the one in Cairo, which I doubt we will visit in this lifetime.

We negotiated the bus and don must have had an interesting conversation with 2 guys who were trying to figure out where we should get off. QUICK. . .jump off here. . .and out we got, umbrellas up, tramping off in the right direction.

We thought we might be close and then saw a line. A good sign? NOT. Long line, longer line, well, actually,longest line we’ve ever seen in the rain. We went up to the front, thinking that perhaps there was some mistake. . .maybe just maybe we were in the wrong line and I could charm the guard with, ” posso aiutarmi??” but no deal. I even asked if we could buy a ticket today for tomorrow. Mi dispiace, he says.

so, OK, plan B. How about the cinema museum, a few blocks away. Off we tromped. By now my feet in my cute pink Alegrias were soaked. Oh, we’ll. . . .

another line. . . . But not quite as long. We waited and got in fairly quickly, like 20 minutes.

What a place! From then ” archaeology of cinema” up to the modern day, it was terrific and complete. Stereoscopes, shadow plays, cameras, the first films. . .we saw it all. We progressed to. . .


And. . .This one’s for you, Bet. . .


And we discovered these amazing lounges where we laid for at least an hour watching clips and films from a variety of genres. . .


I seemed to remember this gal, and I was right. . From fellini’s 8 1/2. . He newer version appeared in 9. Only a little bit of a pedofile as I recall!


We walked through small movie sets like this one


And this one, showing footage of real WWII events simultaneously with movie versions of the same
Event. . .


Then a juicy little corner with animal print comfy chairs showing clips of ” explosive delights” featuring two of my favorite gals. . . ( T. . . We didn’t take any guns to il Sasso, did we??!!)


Another great movie seating idea. . .


After about 3 or more hours we’d had enough. The museum is housed in the magnificent Mole Antoniella, which you can read about here

We strolled down the beautiful arched walkways of Turin, and stopped for an afternoon treat, just to ” be Italian.”. I think I could become addicted to lovely coffee houses, like Milano e Barratta.



A lovely latte macchiato. . .


And a torte di giorno


We wandered further on, and as the afternoon progressed, we became melancholy as we knew that across the Atlantic, our friend and Cat’s mother, Rosalie, was being laid to rest. We wanted to honor her in some way, and for some time we felt we had made a mistake by not going home.
Then we happened upon a church, and when we entered, mass was being said. we sat for a while, remembering Rosalie, lit a candle, and shed some tears. We are just immensely sad.

Here is the church. .


afterwards, we found a little restaurant called Arancia di Mezzanotte, which serves “appericena”, little plates which are supposed to serve as simply an appetizer for dinner. But for us, it was the entire dinner. We ate in honor of Rosalie, who I think would have enjoyed all the small dishes. . . 17 in all!! And it was a good deal. . .buy your first drink for €10, and then additional drinks are charged menu price. So for €25 we had a great meal.


Our final adventure of the day was how to get home. we knew we could take the #14 or #18 bus. so we got on the 14 and made the mistake of asking the driver if he went to our neighborhood, which he actually didn’t so he told us to go find a different bus. We should have kept our mouths shut and not asked, because we really did know where we were going. By now it had started to pour rain again, so we just gave in and took a taxi.

Buona notte to all and to all a good night!

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  1. Yea! Betty Boop! We are also in the same band of rain but not as heavy> Toured the Chocolate Museum today and got more than one free sample!! Many tourists are here also and the beer is great! Have you been on a bike lately? We thought about it as there are a few 40 mile jaunts around this area: castle tour, sea coast, forest tour, etc. but since the weather is calling for more rain, maybe we won’t ride until we get home! have fun, enjoy – Lee and Betty

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