Quattro. . . Torino. . .May 1


Allora, it’s Labor Day throughout Europe. so that means that no one is working, and as we we soon found out, buses run on a different schedule and take different routes!!

Our destination today was the Egyptian museum. we feared that we might be overrun by families and kids, so we decided to get there early. Besides, yesterday was a huge line, and we expected as much today,

Allora, no line!! we walked right in and were doubly happy to fine that the entrance fee was a special one for today only . . .


We set off, exploring the museum. In each room we discovered more and more treasures. . .



we thought of Rosalie, as we saw an original drawing of the heart being weighed with a feather for entrance to the next life. Her heart sure was light, as evidence by her laughter and love. . .


a breathtaking second room with statues that were beyond beautiful. . .





While walking to the museo and after leaving, we we embraced by a worker”s parade. . . made us feel like we were part of the movie “Reds.”




There were at least as many carabinieri as marchers. We saw them everywhere. . .


We strolled through the arches and beautiful shops. I remembered one of the reasons I love Italy . .
Amazing fashion. . .


a €1000 bag at Louis Vuitton. . .


and then home to “abbiamo facciamo un pisolino”. We took a nap! the rain was coming down in buckets. we tried to take the same bus which we took coming in to town, but soon realized that it would be impossible to find it since the routes and stops were changed. We ended up taking the metro and a different bus, but got home all the same!!

In the evening, MariaLuisa made dinner for us, Esther, Dario, and Maria. . .pizza, salad, ice cream, , ,more than we could humanly eat, of course!! If you ever find yourself in or near Turin and need a place to stay, we can highly recommend her B&B. . . click here for the best place in town

Tommy, the dog. . .


Only one of three pizzas. . .


then Marialuisa and Don put their heads together to figure out which tram he should take to go fetch the rental car. . . .




So the journey will continue. Stay tuned to learn if Don finds the car, and drives back to the B&B to get me. . . Or perhaps it’s like Charlie in the MTA. . . He’ll ride forever through the streets of Turin. . .

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