Quattro. . . Piemonte’s small villages


A lovely, leisurely, late breakfast this morning, chatting with Paolo and Chiara, owners here. Www.cascinasanteufemia.it
we learned a lot of information about the area, and Paolo reminded me that he has been a Facebook friend of mine, so he knew about some of our life even before we got here.


We decided to just set off and explore the region. Honestly, these little hamlets are not on most maps of Italy, although Paolo says we’re just not looking at the right ones!! Names like Montforte d’Alba, Montelupo Albese, Serralunga d’ Alba, Rodello. . . Go ahead, YOU try to find them on your map!!


the area is rich in natural beauty.


Overlooks are amazing, and the most surprising thing for us was that we could see the entire range of the Alps to our west!!! Look closely under the clouds,


The next thing that becomes evident is that on every hill, theres a castle or manor house. . .


In the tiny town of Diano d’Alba we stopped for lunch atop an overlook near an ancient church. . .



And we enjoyed the poppies growing on the castle wall. . .



floating, well, not quite floating, but walking down the steps, ready to saddle up the Panda and go onward to Grinzane Cavour. . . A wonderful castle and a lesson in the history of the area. . .


Just two of the multitude of displays and interactive models within the castle walls. . .



Then off to discover Serralunga d’Alba and it’s wonderful castle, but even more fun for us was discovering this cantina. . .

she’s a popular girl in these parts!!!

A shot of the castle. . .


Another look at the breathtaking landscape . . . And we will call it a day . . . .


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