Quattro. . .of festivals and flowers


One of the things we like to do in Italy is attend local festivals. So we were really happy when Don found online a Risotto Festival in a town about an hour away. Sunday in Italy is always a good day for a festival. so off we set to Sessame. . . And we found this sign upon entering town. .



Yep, we had it right!!! Up, up we drove into the town. . . And not a soul in sight. Nessuno. . . No one!!! Houses looked like no one was home, so we figured they must all be at the festa, so we drove around, looking for signs of life. No one. Nada.

Finally, we saw a woman and I asked her in my best Italian, “Dove e la festa di risotto?” “Mi dispiace, ” she replied and then went on to tell me that the festival was the day after Easter !! So much for the Internet and signs. so, we turned the car around, and drove back the way we came, only to find the Festa dei Fiori, the festival of the flowers, in a nearby town. Yay for Italians festing on domenica!!!



the townspeople were creating a wonderful work of art using all petals and natural materials. . . wait, didn’t we just see something like this in Holland??!!


There re all the typical trappings of a festival, except, no food!! we did manage to find a bar with a rather dried out panini for Don and some gelato for me.




some sweet little girls getting ready for the flower parade. . . Like the one in Leiden, although that one was far more elaborate. . .



We came back home to cascinasanteufemia cascinasanteufemia wondering just what we might do for dinner, and we were still suffering with our head colds. Well, guess what. . . Other guests and friends were going to a set dinner right in Sinio, so off we went to another gastronomic event. we told Chiara that we might only eat a little bit, and she assured us that was OK and we’d only pay for what we ate. Guess what. . .we lied!!! We ate everything. . .again!!! The meal was arranged for just 8 of us, set in the school gymnasium. ( the school has 15 students total.)


The meal ended with just what the dr ordered to kill cold germs. . .



yes, these iris really are as tall as me. . .


and finally. . . Just a simple still life. . .


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