Quattro. . .of Piedmontese chiesi e musei


Did we know before we came here that the Piemonte region is filled with castles, churches, and beautiful small towns? actually, no, and actually, we knew almost nothing about the area, other than the fact that we want to explore all the regions of Italy and this one was on the list. so we have eagerly delved in to exploring the villages, most of which are within 10-15 minutes of here, the farthest, which we visited today, just about an hr. Let me show you some of the beautiful bits of churches and monasteries which we have discovered. . .

I especially like to photograph the incredible ceilings. . .




and the museums. I’m always amazed at the ancientness and the surprising things one finds in certain museums, this one the Civic Museum in Salluzzo. . . But it WAS a very important home a few hundred years ago. These beds are, oh, only about 400-500 years old!!!






We chuckled when we saw this all-too-familiar scene at the museum. .



The fourth generation owner, with whom we had a lovely conversation, sharpened them for me. . .

<;;;img src="https://wheresweinberger.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/

Here they are. . .


And the day finished off with a visit to a pasticceria. Honestly, why can't we wrap up our purchases like presents.


And when you open it up, well, you just can’t help but be happy!!!!!


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