Quattro . . . .of Chiara and Paolo. . .and leaving


You know the feeling you get when your bones and your gut tell you that you’ve landed in the right place with the right people?? Well, that’s how we felt at Cascina Sant’Eufemia, and especially because of the owners, Chiara and Paolo. Now the word “cascina” in Italian means “farmhouse” and what you must keep in mind is that an agriturismo is a working farm.

And work they do. Not only do they run a top rate, 5 star, beautifully renovated agriturismo, but they also have vineyards, a winery, and hazlenut trees to harvest. Yet every single morning, they spent at least an hour or more with us, making sure we knew where we were going that day, where we might eat, making reservations, or just chatting and laughing about my sometimes hopeless Italian.

Chiara helped me look at 75 wines available in charleston, giving me advice on what was good, or not. . .


she gve us a tour of the wine-making process at the cascina. . .






Paolo spent his days plowing fields, chopping vines, tending wine, and doing the myriad of chores necessary. He was patient and kind with my Italian, and we had a darn good laugh one day when I told him in what I THOUGHT was correct Italian that I had taken a long map. what I actually said was that I had taken a certain long part of a man’s anatomy. Guess I’ll always be known in that area as the ” pissoloni donna.”. We had a great laugh.

So farewell to our new friends, Paolo and Chiara. My wish is that we meet again some day!!!


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