Quattro. . .a day criss-crossing the lake


Wow. . .so we live about 5minutes walking from the ferry . . .


So off we go on an all-day pass. . . .cost €15 each. First stop. . . The crotch of the pants. . .


Sorry for the crotch reference, but if you look at a map, you’ll see that Lago di Como is actually two lakes, split in two by land, and Bellagio is right at the crotch of what looks like two pants legs.

and what a posh spot it is. . . Beautiful shops abound. . .




I actually discovered L’erbosteria, a shop by the same name as one in Montepulciano , so I had to go in. I had a nice chat with the shop-keeper and bought some of her wonderful soaps.


So how much shopping in high-priced places can you do, and how many shoes can you look at that cost over €100??!! After a while we gave it up, and decided to find a table by the water. . . Just for a drink. . .

. . . As we were “being,” not “doing,” it occurred to us that one of new life goals could be to perfect the art of “cafe-sitting.”. The phrase, “il dolce fa niente” came to mind. . .the sweetness of doing nothing. ” just look at the view. . . “. We sat, and sat, and sat. . .and soon ordered lunch, then ate, then sat, and finally pulled ourselves out of the chairs.



Oh, before I go any farther, let me show you a photo of our hotel which I took from the ferry and enhanced with Penultimate. . .


You can see that we are nestled right at the bottom of the mountains and right on the water.

OK, now off to another town by ferry, Verenna. sorry, I forgot to take a photo of a town sign. It’s a bit north of Bellagio, so I WAS able to get a shot of the uppermost spit of land which is the true crotch. Here it is. . .


When we first got to Varenna we weren’t too impressed, but, silly us, of COURSE it was beautiful. there is a delightful walk right along the lake,steps to climb, a church to discover. . .




Then, the ferry, back to. . .


A short walk home, a nap, then back to . . . .


For. . .


fare un passiegata to look in shop windows. . . .

Missioni.. . . .


Versace. .


Then home on the ferry. . .


In oltre giorno meraviglioso a italia!!!

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