Quattro. . . .Lago di Como


Moving north, it took us only about 3 hours to get to our next stop. I honestly can’t remember how I found Albeghetto di Marianna, in Cadennabia, but it’s right on the main road that runs along the lak

And in the words of my most favorite Travel Channel Hostess, Samantha Brown, ” Just look at the view. . . ”



The hotel itself is plain and simple, run by Paola and her husband, Ty, who is the chef. There is an outdoor garden right across the street on the water. Wait a minute. . . I’ll go out on the balcony and take a photo of it. . . .


We will probably eat there tomorrow night. Different menu each evening. . . Set prices for whatever combination of food you want.

We decided to explore the town. . . Up the hills, down the hills, on paths. . . An unusual pine . ..



a lovely walking path runs behind gorgeous gardens and beautiful homes. . . Loved the unusual gates. . .



We decided to drive 4minutes to the next town, Menaggio, where discovered a delightful piazza for a pre- dinner drink served with the usual olives and chips, then a light meal in a trattoria. Pizza and calzone was OK, not the best we had. I thought mine would be more of a potato pizza, but here’s what I got. . .


but back in the piazza we had the most scrumptious gelato I think I ever tasted. Mine was half mango and half passion fruit. Dons was, of course, chocolate. And have you ever seen PINK snow on top of the Alps???!!!!


Just look at THAT view, Samantha Brown!!!

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  1. The tree is called a “Monkey Puzzle” tree because it’s so complicated that even monkeys can’t figure out how to climb one. I’m serious!
    Have fun!

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