Quattro. . . A short blog about Anna. . .


Well, if you don’t know about homestaybooking.com, you should probably check it out. Here in italy, we stayed first with MariaLuisa Sillitti in Torino through homestaybooking and now we’re staying with Anna Zanetti outside of Verona. What great experiences we’re having. Here’s Anna. . .


Now I must tell you that when Anna and I first started corresponding, she mentioned that she would be in costa rica in march, and, long story short, her house in costa rica is in the same small town we were visiting. . . Mal Pais! We tried to meet there, but missed each other by one day. So we were eager to meet here in her home in Italy. We immediately felt at home as she took us to the garden to gather greens for a salad for dinner. . .




Anna has been an amazing hostess, going over and above what we expected. she’s made dinner for us every night, and on Sunday, invited her cousin, Lala, for dinner. Don and I supplied pizza, and Don was serving it when. . . .a piece slipped off the platter right into Lala’s purse that was sitting on the chair!! We laughed about the “borsa pizza” or the “pomodoro purse.”.

Lala was a great Italian teacher for me and really insisted on perfect pronunciation. I wish I could have more chats with her!


Tonight is our final night with her, so we had the “l’ultima cena”. Last Supper. Pizza, pasta, salad from the garden with fresh lettuces and herbs, gelato.

We have one more stay with a homestaybooking couple near Venezia. Will report in on that one,

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