Quattro. . .un giorno dei sorpresi!


Our day started with a lovely surprise. . . Breakfast by the lake. . .



We could hardly pull ourselves away, but decided we would get some discount tickets from Paola to go to


A beautiful villa by the lake with 70,000 acres of gardens!!! Silly me, I never took a photo of the outside of the house. But I thi k you’d really have to be on the other side of the lake to do that. So I’ll just show you a few of the gorgeous plantings. . .






Sorry that I don’t have any pics of the inside of the house. It was magnificent. I started to take a photo and was soundly reprimanded by the guard. There was a terrific exhibit of watercolors of flowers, and on another floor an exhibit of photos of museum guards in their respective museums. It was great. Here’s one photo I managed to get before I got my fingers slapped. It reminded me of The Godfather. . .


we walked back to our hotel and decided, “Hey, let’s go to Switzerland!!” So, surprise number DUE for the day . . . We want to Switzerland. . . For lunch! It was about an hour to Lugano, and our hostess, Paola, suggested we go a bit further to a little village called Morcote.


Well, here’s the location of Morcote. after I took the photo, I realized the phallic nature of the photo!!!

Here is what $50 buys you for lunch at this delightful lakeside spot. . .



Not cheap!! so after this delightful lunch, we walked, up, up, up to a church. I had to really convince Don to walk the nearly 500 steps to get up to this amazing spot. . . .





Time to head home. . . Our afternoon in svizzera was delightful!!! we headed through lugano, back through a border crossing that was the easiest in the world. the guards were more interested in chatting with each other than looking at passports. In both directions we were never asked to show our passports.

On the way in to Svizzera Don said to the crossing guard, “Hello, how are you, sir?” and the guy answered, “OK.”. Dom took that as , it’s ok to cross, and off we went. We thought that on the way out we’d be stopped for sure, but no, we were just waved on through. Must be those honest faces. . .


Our final surprise of the day was at dinner, back at our place, we sat at a table beside a couple from Abington!!! We had a great chat and an even more amazing dinner. No food photos this time, but take it from me, dinner was outstanding. Here’s our chef. . .


so, time to pack up and move on to Verona. Next stop will be the Mille Miglia Museo in Brescia. . .

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