Quattro. . .parucchiere per giuletta


My hair grows like weeds. . . .fast’n’thick. Every time I looked in the mirror lately I cringed, as the mop on my head became more unruly. So. . . .today was the day. Anna called and made an appointment for me at her parucchiere. . .hair salon. . .for a taglia di capelli.


It was a very cool place, very Italian, and if I would have had more time I would have gotten my hair colored, too. But I thought it was only fair to make Don wait for a mere 45 minutes, not 3 hours!! My stylist was Marisa. ..





she told me she was going to give me something young and modern. She did! I should have taken a photo of the flowers Don picked and brought for me when he came to pick up his “Giuletta” from the salon. The parucchiere were giggling with the “Juliet” reference. After all, this IS Verona!!


She gave me a suggestion for color which she told me to tell my parucchiero italiano joe in boyertown. She said the sides of my hair should be their natural grey . . . We’ll see about that!


Time to say , “Ci vediamo” to Anna and her house. . .


and then off on the motorway to Venezia. Well, not quite Venezia, but Spinea, another homestaybooking.com home. . . Maria and Claudio.

Hey, look, over there. . . A castle. . .lets go have our picnic lunch that we brought along. . .


Soave, a most beautiful little medieval town. . .with a castle, a moat, a drawbridge, and a castle wall encircling the whole town. Quite picturesque. . Not your average site you’d see driving around east Greenville!!


And once again, natural beauty in unexpected places. . .



we have now arrived at Maria and Claudio’s place and all I can say is. . . . We hit the jackpot. The house is beautiful, and we are the only guests. We have the entire top floor to ourselves, and it’s just like home. In fact, we have decided to stay an extra day. So in the next 5 days we will see Venezia, the America’s Cup, and the Mille Miglia. We will also practice our newest hobby, cafe-sitting. Ciao!!

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