Quattro. . . A-maze-ing Venice


So somewhere in some book we read that one of the best things to do in Venice is just to simply get lost. WHO ARE THEY KIDDING??!! You can’t HELP but get lost. And anyone who knows Don may know one fact about him. . . .he hates to be lost, which made getting around Venice a torture for him!!

But. . .we loved the city and its charm. Yes, it’s crumbling. Yes, there are too many vendors selling too much junk from China. Yes, there’s graffiti.

But there’s elegance, style, mystery, and water.

Our day began with water. . .

Yep, buckets of rain, and umbrellas trashed by the wind. But, hey, we have our rain jackets which took us through gales in Holland, so what’s a little bit of Venetian rain!

we knew we were in Venice when we saw. . .


And. . .


and. . .


We were charmed by buildings reeking of by-gone elegance. . .



In the Dorsorduro neighborhood we saw evidence of either a birth or a birthday party. . .


We marveled at the masks and wondered what it must be like to be in Venice during Carnavale. . .





all of these masks were handmade right in the shop, and all of them cost well over $200 each!

We joked with a German who seemed to be related to Don. . .


We enjoyed watching gondoliers and gondolas. . . No, we didn’t ride in a gondola, but we’ll take a water bus in a few days.



Honestly, we walked for hours, getting lost, finding our way, getting lost again. We practiced our new hobby, cafe-sitting, and rejuvenated with a pot of tea and a lemon soda for Don. We wandered in San Marco piazza, we marveled at the amount and variety of high end shops. I’ve never seen so many all in one place. Venezia is a place of the highest end fashion, probably in the world.

We walked miles and were ready to find our bus to go home. Enroute, we saw the gondolas, put to bed for the night. . . .


Buono notte. . . .

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