Quattro. . . The America’s Cup


Well, after arriving at home at 1:30 am we set the alarm so that we could get and out to the second of the premier world events that were taking place in honor of our visit to northern Italy!! Gioco. . . .I joke, of course! But we honestly didn’t know that either of these things were happening here when we planned the trip. fortuitous, I guess you could say.

We straggled out of bed by 8:30, took showers to try to wake up, and enjoyed yet another wonderful breakfast served by Maria. We were on the bus to Venice by 9:50.

Venice was definitely more crowded, but we had decided to get tickets for the vaporetto (water bus) because 1) we were already tired, and 2) we were not about to try to navigate the streets again. So on the vaporetto we passed our first ship of the day. . .


Looked like a really nice cruise ship with decks and decks of balcony cabins. we enjoyed some of the water scenery along the way. . .



and reached Arsenale, the sight of the staging area for the “grande barca di vela.”.



and there they were. .


OOPS. . . Wrong photo. . . But they ARE Italian and this was a shot Don took. Now, the boats. . .



We successfully connected with my friend Rene, a student in my class at il Sasso. After studying for 4 weeks, she is traveling in Italy for 4 weeks, We celebrated being together again and ” graduating” from il Sasso!!


Now Rene is a sailor, so she was able to explain the races to us. We sat at the Arsenale and watched the first race on the large screen with hardly anyone else around. . .guess they all went to watch the race on the water. We decided to meander on down to the waterfront and get a good vantage point for the next race. It was amazingly uncrowded and we stood right next to the water. It was really exciting to see the boats in full sail, gliding on up the Grand Canal.




I think this was my best photo of the day. . .right at the finish. . . Italy nosing out the US. . .


Very exhilarating!!! Wow. . . Two major world sporting events in two days. we wondered if anyone else watching the AC had been at the MM.

Walking on down towards San Marco. . . The bridge of Sighs in the background. .


We said, ” Ci vediamo” to Rene and went to investigate the Doges Palace. . . And what a palace it is!!! Gold leaf on so many ceilings. . .i was hoping a bit might peel off and land in my hair. No luck!!


A peek from inside the Bridge of Sighs to the outside, the last view a prisoner might have seen after being sentenced and walking over the bridge to the prison cell. Sigh. .


We finished the afternoon at another landmark. . .


At this nearly 300 year old coffee and tea shop, here is what we saw. . .




Here is what we drank. . .


Here is what we listened to (we paid €6 each as a music charge)…..


And here was our bill. . .


Yep. . . Gotta love Italy!! And we do!!!

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