Quattro. . . The Mille Miglia


“Miglia”. . . . A word that isn’t used a whole lot in Italian, unless of course you are talking about one of the world’s foremost car races. . .the thousand mile( not kilometer) race that now features only cars from 1927-1957, the years that the race originally was held. It was discontinued in 1957 because of safety concerns, mainly for spectators who were getting killed when cars went out of control and into the crowd. Now it’s a rally, and the cars start and return to Brescia in northern Italy.

So who knew it was being held when we’re practically staying right next doors! Well, Spinea is only an hour away from Vicenza, so off we went in the afternoon, thinking we’d better get there early to find parking, etc. WRONG, we could have gotten there at 6 or 7 pm because mot of the spectators were local residents who just came home from work and came out to see the cars.

So we started the day with a picnic In the park. . .


Watched the workers getting ready. . .


Browsed the store windows which were decked out for the Mille Miglia. . .




and then we sat. . . And sat. . . And moved somewhere else. . .and sat. . . And waited. . . .and went to the duomo. . ..and sat. . . And went to get gelato. . . And sat. . . .and went to the cafe. . . And ate…. . And drank. . . .and ate. . . And. . . .

Finally, the crowds began to gather, the light was starting to fade. . .


and in the distance we heard a distinctive sound, the low rumble of the first of over 100. . . .


Ferraris. . . .yep, 100 of them, all shapes, sizes, colors, models. . . .we’ll probably never see so many again in one place. They loved fish-tailing right around the corner where we stood. . .




Now those Ferraris started showing up at about 8 pm. We had already been there since 1:30. The Ferrari “parade” lasted until about 9:30. The MM had yet to begin. The sky darkened more. . .


And finally we began to hear the first of the 380 “auto d’epoca”….. Classic cars. . . .






Now I did attempt to take more photos, but the darkness, the speed of the cars, the crappy camera. . . .well, these are the only decent photos I got in the first hour and a half. I did tke a few short videos but i cant post them on the blog. If I ever figure out youtube, theyll be there.

By now it was 11 pm and the crowd had thinned considerably. It was cold, too. The cars kept coming. we moved down the street to the stage area where each car drove through, received a gift from an important looking man with four beautiful Italian women clapping. I won’t show you all the photos we took there, but we DID manage to see some of the 6 Triumphs that were in the rally.





Near the very end we found PEARL’S LITTLE SISTER!!!!


By 12:30 am we were ready to call it a day. The final cars were lined up, ready to be congratulated, and the rally continued into the night, enroute to Ferrara, a few hours away. Our last look at the famous Mille Miglia was a familiar sight to us. . .


We miss you, Pearl!!

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