Quattro . . . A return to Montefalco


OK, so there’s two more nights before we go to Fuimicino and then home. We tried to find another homestaybooking accommodation, but couldnt come up with just the right place. don happened upon another website bbitalia.com, so we started to explore. We also were looking for a geographical location at least halfway between Venezia and Roma.

Bingo. . . We chose to return to Umbria, once again to tiny towns hardly visible on the map. . . Bevagna and Montefalco. We found what looked to be like a good place. Once again. . .amazing. B&B Casa Mario is a family owned place run by Georgia who speaks only Italian. Thank goodness I can hold a small conversation when needed!!!

The room is beautiful. . .


Another ” look at the view” Samantha Brown view from our bedroom window. . .


And the next morning at breakfast, oh, Che Bella sorpresa!!



I have the date marked on the calendar when I’ll go back to Weight Watchers!!!!

The weather was ” piove, piove, piove,” rain, rain, rain, so we thought, ” let’s go to Deruta to the ceramics museum.”. We had been to Deruta two times in the past, each time on a Tuesday when the museum is closed. Today is Monday. Surely it will be open. WRONG. At this time of the year it is closed on both Monday AND Tuesday, and then opens only for a few hours on other days.


Deruta, you’re killin’ me!!! So we crossed our fingers, or should I say, I crossed my fingers that our favorite ceramics maker would be open and guess what. . . .


Yep, there’s now two pieces of Deruta ceramiche in my suitcase. I couldn’t justify anything bigger because I have two pieces waiting for me in Beaufort because Donna and I each had two pieces shipped from Montepulciano. But I did get a piece here in Deruta that is typical of the painting of this area. It’s called Raffelesco. . .


Headed back to Bevagna, looking for lunch, and really found the most delightful spot with the most delicious food. Truly, it ranks right up there as one of our most favorite places. Only three tables!





Even though the glass of sagrantino nearly put me to sleep, we decided to backtrack and go to Santa Maria degli Angeli near Assisi. We missed it on our last trip. You’re not allowed to take photos, so here’s a link


Quite beautiful.

Back home, over dusty roads, definitely taking the” roads less traveled”. And now it WAS time for ” fare un pisolino.” A nap. . . Yes, Paolo, a LUNGHI pisolino!!!!

Don woke me up just in time to make it to our dinner reservation at one of our all-time favorite restaurants in the world. . . .


amazing food. So amazing ,that after we finished the meal, I realized I hadn’t taken any food photos. . .


But after the bruschetta with creamy cheese and fava beans, a tortelloni stuffed with bufala burrata and wild asparagus, filet cooked in sagrantino, insalate misto, patate arrosto, tiramisu, passito con biscotti. . . .we looked like this. . ..


How can you not LOVE Italy??!!

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