Quattro. . .Burano and Murano


Well, here’s my “take” on travel, and I know we’ve said this to friends before. we really could do without the places on the map that are in BOLD FACE print. Like Rome, Venice, Athens, Philadelphia. . . You get the idea. Now don’t get me wrong. . . .they have their place, and to me, their place is to be a hub for transportation, great museums, cultural events. . . . And tourists, which of course, help the economy. But honestly, the small places that you have trouble finding on the map, well, those are the places that sing a special song to me.

Take Burano, for example. . . .and we did. Claudio printed out maps and vaporetto numbers for us and we set off on a beautiful day. Leaving the crowds of tourists behind in downtown Venezia, we were charmed. . .





Burano is known for lace-making. I had a delightful conversation in Italian with a lace maker in a shop. I watched her stitch designs using only thread ( no bobbins) and was very interested because I’ve done a little drawn thread work myself. I understood her method, and had the greatest respect for what she was creating.

I was sure I wouldnt buy any lace in Burano. WRONG. Both some hand done lace pieces and some loomed pieces are now in my suitcase!!

The day was beautiful, the sky blue, the flowers lovely.


The jewelry was really special, too, but I fought the urge and did NOT buy any. My efforts continue to simplify, so I will just need to enjoy the creativity and move onward. . . .


Speaking of moving onward, after lunch we did. We went to Murano, known for glass-making. It was easy to admire the pieces and leave them all the for someone else to buy!





So after a day of seeing a few of the places on the map in lighter print, those little places that might not get quite as much press ( although both Burano and Murano are famous), we happily boarded the number 6 bus and returned to our home away from home in Spinea, another place in lighter print where real people live and work. . . .far from the maddening crowds.

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  1. Jolene, I keep remembering that you have just your ONE pair of earrings and how simple that is!! You’re my idol. You know, I brought all this jewelry with me and guess how many pairs of earrings I’ve worn.. . . Yep. . . ONE!!!!

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