Quattro. . . Maria and Claudio


We continue to be grateful for the unparalleled hospitality we encounter when we travel. We hit the jackpot once again in Spinea, a small town near Venice, at the home of Maria and Claudio, whom we found on homestaybooking.com. They also have their own website for their fabulous b& b at http://nuke.osakasamia.com/

The name sounds sort of Asian because Maria lived in Japan for 3 years and speaks fluent Japanese. Maria is a language teacher and I’m ready to be her student when she starts doing Skype lessons!!

Take a look at this gorgeous couple. .


We had so much fun, so many laughs, such a good time with them, that it was difficult to leave because they felt like family!!! On the evening Maria invited us for dinner I planned to take photos but we were so busy talking, eating, and laughing, I totally forgot. But here’s part of the dinner. ..


It was fabulous. . . Lasagne, spinach pie, pizzas, tiramisu, and wine from Paolo and Chiara!!

Don and Claudio shared info on cars and music. And as you know, it doesn’t take much to get Don talking about either of those subjects!


all I can say is this: just like cities in bold face print, hotels in bold face print have their place. Sometimes you want a place where you can just hole up and be anonymous. But if you want to be a traveler, to really know people, to understand life on a person-to-person basis, then you stay with folks like Claudio and Maria.



Grazie Mille to claudio and Maria. You made our hearts sing!!

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