Quattro. . . Terremoto


Sleeping soundly on Saturday night in our cozy bed at Claudio’s and Maria’s, I was awakened by a shaking that moved back and forth, not up and down. Immediately, a new vocabulary word popped into my mind, “Terremoto,” the Italian word for “earthquake.”. I thought I heard a siren, and then I fell back asleep.

When we got up on Sunday morning I asked don if he felt anything and he said that he thought there had been an earthquake. We were both sort of incredulous, so we got online immediately and were shocked to see a Google entry for “Italy earthquake 2012.”.

Well, as you know, it’s true, and the devastation is significant. We are hoping we can find a way to donate to help this area recover.


We were leaving Spinea on Sunday, traveling south to the Umbria region. Funny thing, or maybe not so funny, was that we had left 3 days at the end of this odyssey trip to decide where to go. I had looked at the region around Modena and Bologna, but couldn’t get my act together to really make any plans to go there. Don suggested we return to an area of Umbria that we liked, so more on that later.

It’s always good to take an easy path. .

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  1. Actually, even though it is still shaking and quaking, you can go and stay in the southern part of the Province of Modena. For any information (on the earthquake and on Modena) you are welcome to have a look at my blog. Sorry that it sounds like cheap spamming in favour of my humble self… hope you don´t mind!

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