Monthly Archives: April 2013

Where’s Weinberger?


Oh, dear friends, I have not deserted you.  But I HAVE taken a detour.  For the past four months, Don and I have been living in Beaufort, SC in our little “Jasmine Cottage.”  We’ve been busy doing what we do best: Living Life.  I’ll use this as a forum just to catch everyone up with our comings and goings.  Let’s make it brief. . .just a three-minute read!

1. Italian classes–my friend Donna (aka Telma of ‘Telma e Luisa’) and I took an 8 week Italian course at USCB.  We got tons of info., verb tenses, but not much conversational practice.  However, I am continuing my lessons via Skype with Chiara, who, coincidentally, will be emigrating to Charleston, SC with her husband and daughter in June.  I’m anxious to meet her.

2. Beaufort Shag Club–every Wednesday night, Don and I go shagging at the local dance club.  Get your dirty minds out of the gutter!  If you’re from North or South Carolina, you’ll know that the SHAG is the state dance and plays a pivotal role (pun intended) in the history and social fabric of the area.  We’re the token Yankees in the group!

3. Beaufort Classic Car and Truck Club–our little Triumph 3A “Pearl”  is now a Southern Belle and lives happily in “The Cave,” a garage which houses 32 classic cars, a bar, every tool known to mankind, two lifts, and most recently, a satellite TV.  After all, how else will everyone watch the Kentucky Derby next week AFTER the car show in Beaufort.  We’ve enjoyed taking her out and about in the balmy “winter” weather, and she’ll stay here when we return to PA next week.  Does that mean we’ll be coming to Beaufort more often?  Stay tuned. . . .

4.–Telma ed io abbiamo scritto un blog circa ogno giorno.  Donna dn i write a blog almost every day in Italian.  Well, lately we had to taper off because we each had a grandbaby with us. . .Calix and Gemma.  But my blog-writing time has been invested in Italian.  So you could take a picture-walk through that blog to see what we’ve been doing.

5. Everglades tripping, gardening, restauranting, kayaking, knitting, reading, travel writing, caving, entertaining, Evergreening, island exploring, Savannah, Charleston, Hilton Head, Bluffton learning, biking, walking, volunteering, PA partying, .  Three minutes are up so there’s the meat-of-the-nut.  Ask me about anything and I’ll happily tell you everything!

We are returning to PA next week.  Notice I did not say “home” because we’re not sure where that is at this point.  Stay tuned. . .