March Fourth


Tutus and stilts and feathers. . .oh, my! Fuse with Basin Street rhythms, jazz, soul, gospel. . .well, it can only be the March Fourth Marching Band



Combine this spectacle of boot-thumpin’, gotta-move music amidst a gathering of friends who haven’t seen each other in way too long, well, it can only be a recipe for exuberance. Nancy, Gayle, Debb, Tom, Steve, Carol, Lynn, Wayne, Don, and I laughed, clapped, danced, ate, and drank our way through an evening at Bethlehem Steel Steel Stacks, which in itself is a treat for the senses.

Don and I first saw M4 at Musikfest 2012. In the outdoors venue they filled the night with their signature shenanigans including stilt-walkers, acrobats on the pole ( held by the stilt guys), amidst the pulsing jazz-rock-blues melodious cacophony of the drum line and brass players. We couldn’t figure out how that amount of energy could fit inside. It was a circus, to be sure, full of all their best elements.

They’ve got a strong social conscience. With donations of time and money, they help support organizations and people near and dear to them. I, for one, like that a lot.

They are currently on their 2013 tour. Only if you want a memory that will make you smile, keep you happy, and want more of M4, find them and buy a ticket.


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