One Bag



How do you pack for five weeks of travel, from the beaches of Sicily to the rain of England? And how do you keep your promise to yourself to travel light, in one bag, that you can handle yourself? Hmmm.

Here’s what I wrote on May 22, 2012:
7. Most important learning, which I actually knew before I left, but now I REALLY know. I will wear one pair of pants and take one skirt. Period. One pair of earrings, one bracelet. Period. A few tops, a sweater, leggings, two pairs of shoes. Period. Remind me of all of this next time. Period.

OK. So I have a sleeveless dress which will double as a skirt when I put a top over it AND I have another skirt. I packed sandals in addition to a second pair of shoes. I have three pairs of earrings. It’s just a little cheat.

But I kept it to one bag which I can lift myself. I’ll take one final look before I zip it up tomorrow and decide if those extra earrings or sandals or skirt is a breach of commitment.

Probably not.

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  1. Don’t forget you can always turn undies insideout if necessary and throw them away before you leave Europe so there’s room for something foreign. PS…scarves are wonderful outfit changers, weigh nothing, tie on your purse strap and can make a colorful extra hobo bag, hair accent, cathedral veil, necklace,etc. wish I could squeeze in there too!
    Bon voyage!

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