Not So Frequent. . .


I don’t fly very often. So yesterday when I sat in the chair of “il mio parrucchiero” (hair dresser), our conversation drifted to frequent flyer miles. Despite not flying often, both Don’s and my flights for our upcoming trips cost a fraction of the listed fare. I’m a dreamer and a schemer, and proud of it!!


Here’s what works for me, and it’s a two-pronged approach.

1. We charge everything on a MasterCard which has no annual fee and we pay the card in full every month. This card also offers a portal through which I make online purchases for more than the $1/mile. Miles can be used on any airline and if you don’t have enough miles you can supplement with. . .of all things. . .cash! So, for Don’s non-stop round trip PHL-FCO we used miles plus $433. Published fare is about $1100.

2. We finally bought into the US Airways credit card because we know that we will use USAir for trips to Italy and Europe. $89/year, and that includes a few perks. One of the juiciest perks for a first-time holder is the 15,000 mile bonus offered for putting $750/ month on your card for 3 months. Add that to the 30,000 miles you receive after making your first purchase, and I knew I was on my way to saving up miles for this trip. We decided that Don should also get the card. I discovered that I could transfer his miles to me and double them. I now had enough miles for a round trip from PHL -Rome and London, Heathrow to Philadelphia AND I still have over 40,000 miles which is good for TWO domestic round trips. I figure this cost me about $680.

I’m stickin’ my thumbs under my armpits and puffin’ out my chest!

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