A New Use for Old Undies


I’ve arrived! My flight from PHL-FCO was seamless, and my two melatonin made me sufficiently drowsy to fall asleep a few times. The flight seemed short. My suitcase was among the first on the carousel, lessening my concern about meeting my shuttle on time. Non c’e’ problema!

But my trusty case arrived hurt. A smashed corner.


Hmmm. . .what to do. We have five more weeks of traveling ahead of us. The crack was clear through to the underbelly of the lining. I thought it best to pad the hole. What should I use? Ah. . . My old, discardable undies.

I chose the oldest and blackest and stuffed it in the hole.


And I covered it with my duck tape, a trusty travel companion.


I’ll report in on how we fare over the next five weeks!!

So after a luscious nap, a walk, and a visit to a small market, I enjoyed La Prima Cena ( as opposed to L’ultima Cena!), listening to Italian TV.


Sure, it’s wine from a box, but it’s Italian wine, prosciutto, cheese, and bread.

I’ve arrived!

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    • I hope Jean Frey sees this post. She commented a few days ago on taking old undies and I said I’d be littering Italy and England with my discards. Who knew one would end up IN my suitcase!!!

  1. Cairo Luisa, I knew those undies would come in handy! Love the colorful suitcase-identifying dots! …could market that when you get home. Lesson to be learned…don’t mess with a determined American/Italian woman!

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