Ho dimenticato. . .i forgot to write a title!!!


Wow….it’s been a busy few days, I’ve got a schedule. . . Wake up before 8( or like yeaterday at 6 for some unknown reason), listen for la mia ospite (my homestay hostess) Signora Spadoni to call, “Linda, Buon giorno, colazione promto.” Breakfast is ready. I brought my own Lipton tea bags, so I find a pot of tea waiting for me along with bread and jam. It’s Italy and that’s breakfast.

Then it’s off to school for lessons. I live literally one minute from the school, which is up ancient stone steps. I find these passageways all around Taormina.


lessons for me are “la sfida” (a challenge), which is why I came here. . . I guess!!!!! Amidst the mi, to, lo, le, gli, ci, vi, le, li of indirect object and direct object pronouns, and the frustration associated there with, I manage to remember that this is FUN!! I’m giving myself some slack, knowing that I won’t use this in my speech right away, or maybe never!


Notice I do “il mio compiti” (homework) in PEN. Haha, it’s a joke. I asked Don to bring me a new large eraser because I’ve used up the ones on two pencils in two days!!!

First class is grammar and second class is conversation. Yesterday we had to create an add. Here’s what I created with my partner:


Ok, all for now. Off to class!

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  1. Hang in there girlfriend…Rome wasn’t built in a day!-)…learn via your emersion in the language of the daily living. Relax and enjoy and we promise not to grade you! You are already A+ in our book!

    • Thanks, Jean. . . I just finished a private lesson with a teacher who was easy on the eyes and I think those indirect and direct object pronouns are coming into focus. Now I’m in the garden listening to some lovely, sexy Italian music. Pieno, pieno. . . Slowly, slowly.

  2. Hey, I remember this “borsa” thing! πŸ™‚ I would definitely buy it! πŸ˜€
    It was such good fun – you are a really very creative person!
    And an inspiration for me, too. πŸ™‚
    Ci vediamo, baci, Wencke

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