L’ultimo giorno!


It’s already my final day of school. These five days of learning, laughing, and effort have garnered me new international friends, more confidence in speaking Italian, a love of Taormina, and enhanced curiosity and excitement about the next few weeks as I travel in Sicily.

I completed my three night cooking class with teacher Donatella and new friend Cristiana from Germany. Last night’s menu consisted of a special Sicilian pesto with spaghetti, fried zucchini with raisins, chicken with orange marmalade in an orange sauce. Top this off with homemade cannolis and wine. . . .yes,. I’ll invite you to dinner when I return!


This morning I finished classes. Classe numero uno is grammar. I’m more familiar and confident with mi, ti, si, ci, vi, gli, lo, la, li, le, and gli. . . .singular, plural, masculine, feminine.. . . direct and indirect object pronouns. A challenge for me, for sure, but isn’t that why I came here?

My grammar teacher Anita. . .


Classe numero due is conversazione. Lots of fun, activity, give-and-take amongst students.

My conversation teacher Anna. . .


No photo of Peppe, my private lesson teacher. Darn!

My feeling about BABILONIA. . .


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