A Hollywood Moment


She hurried along Corso Umberto, melting granita in hand. Wending her way through throngs of newly arrived cruise ship tourists she thought, If I walk really fast and if he can find the parking lot, I’ll greet him with a smile, a kiss, and a cool granita.

And then she stopped in her tracks. There he was, waiting. In the midst of the river of people. Their eyes locked, they kissed. They laughed. After 43 years, he still made her heart leap!

Well, it happened something like that. Don was supposed to arrive around 2 pm, so I planted myself outside the entrance to the parking garage, fending off curious glances. . .is she or is she not waiting for a pick-up? And then my phone rang. Knowing that Don forgot his cell phone in the US, I couldn’t imagine who would be calling. It was Don. His plane was delayed in Rome for 3 hours, so he had just arrived in Catania. It would take him another 90 minutes to get to Taormina.

But this is Italy. . .land of high-speed autos. And so, as I was leisurely lolly-gagging around town, and having a granita, Don cut the 90 minute trip in half. Not knowing where we were staying, he took a chance that he might meet me on Corso Umberto, the main thoroughfare.

And so it happened. . .our Hollywood moment!

We have a sweet apartment. . .and one I’d highly recommend. We are a few steps up from Corso Umberto, surrounded by gardens and quiet. When I return to BABILONIA (!!!) I’ll rent this place.





After a leisurely dinner at home of meats and cheeses and bread from the local supermarket, we strolled the town. Facciamo un passiegata as we’d say in Italian. Just a few local sites. . .





So now it’s Sunday morning and we’re having a slow start. At 9:30, Don is still asleep. Temp will be about 85 today, so I think it’s a good day for the beach.

We’ll always have Taormina. . .

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