Sulla Spiaggia. . . On The Beach


Inspired by the fame of the Taormina Film Festival , we bring you our own version of “On The Beach.”

It was a day to relax and catch up. After sleeping than usual and. a leisurely breakfast in our apartment, we decided the “no rain” forecast would bode well for a day alla spiaggia. . .at the beach. In Italian it would actually be SULLA spiaggia or AL MARE. . .both meaning about the same.

Down we went in the funavia. . .


And down more steps to the beach. This part of the cove is sandy, as opposed to the other side which has large pebbles.


With the requisite number of Speedos and bikinis cloaking trim and not-so-trim bodies, the beach was a mix of families and tourists. We heard a few American voices.



A lunch of last night’s remains provided us with gli spuntini . . . snacks.
We watched one guy who continually climbed the bluff and jumped in.



A family beside us with two kids provided entertainment as the older brother tortured the little sister. I was pleased that I could translate the Mom’s instructions to the little girl to “push him in!”

We awaited our own Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr moment.



We’re still waiting!!

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