La Signora Etna


Today started out like this:


Yep. . .cloudy, overcast, nebbioso/foggy. Oddio. . .it was our chosen day to go to Mt. Etna. As the highest volcano in
Europe, visible from outerspace, spewing lava this year, we were curious. Here she is in her glory days.

As we drove there, we remembered our time in Costa Rica visiting the Poas Volcano and looking down into total grey, with no hope of seeing the crater.

Oh we’ll, we’d come this far and decided we’d journey onward.

Allora, Che sorpresa. . .Well, what a surprise when we discovered that we were soon ABOVE the clouds!


We thrilled to the sight of craters, black sand, and amazing vegetation.


We ate the lunch we brought along, then decided to take the funivia to the top.


With great views of the village below, we ascended to over 8,000 feet.


Following the funivia ride, we were transported to the top craters by an all terrain bus. Sorry,I don’t have any photos of the vehicle, but you can see parts of one in the background here:


The wind was fierce but it wasn’t too cold.


Our guide walked with us to various craters, and we felt nearly blown off balance by the wind! We discovered ladybugs living in this harsh environment, a sign of good luck certainly!


The views were vast, the geology astounding.


Spots of snow were evident, having been covered by the recent April 2013 eruption, and now emerging from their molten cocoons.


Exhausted from the wind and il
/dust, we made our way back down the mountain. I got my Italian in gear and spoke to a man wearing a Mille Miglia jacket. He and his friend owned queste macchine/these cars :



We discovered a “connection” from home, way up here on Mt. ETNA. . .


Enroute back to Taormina, Don felt compelled to stop here:


Sadly, no FIAT tchotchkes, but a fun exchange with the guys in the shop.


So after a pizza and wine at one trattoria and a pasta at another, including laugh-out-loud, clap-along music by the ever-present Sicilian minstrels, we straggled home. . . Which was luckily just right across Corso Umberto.

Buona notte!

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  1. Veramente un giorno fantastico! Riccordo bene il giorno ho visto Monte Etna dal’aereo–stavamo volendo sopra la boca del vulcano quando si avvicina l’aeroporto di Catania. Un momento riccordero’ per sempre.

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