Marveling at Mosaics


Notes to Self for future trip planning:

1. Always check the list of UNESCO sites before leaving home.
2. Always read posters on church doors and around town.

First, the poster:


Last night we were astounded at the talent of three young musicians who presented a two-hour, free concert, four hands on two pianos, all music memorized. All because Don read the poster. Same thing happened in Taormina and we heard an amazing quintet of extraordinary high caliber musicians on mandolin, guitar, and base.

second, UNESCO:
Today we drove two hours north to Villa Romana de Casale. Now with a little pre-planning on my part, we could have come here directly from Taormina. But, never mind, we were here today. I expected a few mosaics in a few spots. After all, I was enthralled with the mosaics at Ostia Antica and in various duomos we’ve visited.

But all that faded into the background as we gazed down upon great rooms, bed chambers, music rooms, corridors, and on and on until we were on mosaic overload.




Mosaics depicting myths, history, and everyday life came alive as we read and heard stories about the villa. We began to wonder about the excitement of the discovery of such an exquisite remnant of ancient times, how it was kept safe during World War II, and what other such sites might still be buried somewhere.

The bikini girls are probably the most famous. Let me tell you, the trip was worth it just to see these gals. AND. . .this mosaic floor was built on top ofanother one equally as beautiful. These ladies were sort of a “home renovation” project ala HOUZZ re-do!!!



They are more-than-life size and appear vibrant and vital.

We were also so pleased to see families with young children, a mom with a book teaching her daughter about the site, and as we left, a bus load of school teen-agers on a Saturday coming for a field trip with their teachers who had worksheets in hand!




UNESCO sites. . . Don’t leave home without checking them first!

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