5€ Food


After all that mosaic-viewing, we decided to do what everyone else seems to do on a Saturday night in Modica. . .indeed, all over Italy. . . fare un passeggiata….that is, take a walk, a stroll, look at what others are wearing, allow them to look at what you’re wearing. My Alegria shoes continue to get some approving nods!

But what we were really after was food da asporto, take away food. We’d been recommended to find Don Pugliese, known for their Modicanese foccace. Now this isn’t the focaccia of a hunk of thick bread sprinkled with a few herbs we know and don’t really eat in East Greenville. This is thin, thin, thinly rolled dough spread with mouth-watering fillings. . . Sicilian tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms. Here’s what we came home with. . .


One foccace, one slice of mushroom pizza, one arancini, one pastieri. . .meat pie. It was enough for two of us to share and be quite happily satisfied. and Don could moan out loud at the deliciousness because we were back at home!!!

Cost. . . 5€ total. . .a little less than $7.

We are very happy here.

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  1. Oooh, what is that luscious smell coming from my iPad? Must be Sicilia!

    Hey, is Don following baseball? Did he, for instance, know that the Red Sox won the AL pennant? We are totally souped! Yay!!!

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