A Sicilian Sunday


Slow Travel. . .that’s us. We love getting enough sleep, eating a slow breakfast, and deciding how to create the day. Today felt like the beach in the morning, so off we headed. With many choices of sandy beaches, we chose Donnalucata for no particular reason. It was about a 20 minute drive from Modica.

We love beach-walking, never knowing just what we might discover. On this beach, lovely dunes dotted with a plant we thought could be holly bordered our path from the car.



Azure-green water, gentle waves, surf fishermen. . . Yep, a good day for a walk!




And a swim!


A flea market on the pier had Don looking. . .


About noon we sauntered back to Modica to get ready for the typical Sicilian Sunday ritual. . . Lunch.

In the small village of Frigintini. . .pronounced FRIDGE in teen ee. . . We had a reservation with Mama Fidone. As we entered the dining room we discovered that we were two of about 40 people already seated, expectantly waiting for the lunch to begin. I will simply show you all the food as it arrived. Words become unnecessary, I think.












As I surreptitiously undid my expandable belt and slipped it into my purse, I knew I would never eat morsels as delicious as these in my entire life. Note: despite urging to the contrary, we shared most of these dishes. We noticed that some diners left after a few courses, perfectly acceptable.

Upon exit we were offered coffee and grappa, of which I took neither and Don had coffee. Total cost: 40€….less than $55, including wine, water, and food to die for.

Having nothing to do and nowhere to go, we drove through the Sicilian countryside for the next hour, getting purposely lost. Assaulted on all sides by stunning landscapes of terraced mountains, olive and lemon trees, pomegranate groves, and stone fences, we felt blessed indeed to be spending Sunday in Sicily!

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  1. I want to say a few words about the calibre of this food. ALL food in Sicily is organically grown. Therefore, it all has taste. The ricotta was light, fresh, delicate, and warm. The olives were not the salty things we know;instead they were bathed in some sort of secret concoction. It’s now 9 pm, and we haven’t eaten another morsel since lunch!!!

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