Really, you could spend a few days in this area of Siracusa. The tourist map has a exhausting series of dots, stars, and crosses indicating important churches and points of interest.


We parked “by the marina” thinking that would be a good landmark to remember how to find the car, and we set out to explore.

The duomo is the star of the piazza. She dominates one of the largest, longest piazzas we’ve seen.



It’s always difficult for me to adequately capture the grandeur of any cathedral or small church, for that matter. I’m continually awed by the love, crafts,a ship, and passion evident in every detail, from inlaid floors to soaring ceilings. My few paltry attempts:



The Doric columns were originally part of a temple of Athena.

In one of those most beautiful chapels in the cathedral we spent a few moments in reflection and gratitude. I had to don a shawl because my arms were not covered. Of course, no photos allowed.

More churches, more visits. We discovered a poster advertising a jazz concert the following evening. We missed the puppet theater. . .prossima volte, next time.

Pranzo/em>, lunch. . . A Sicilian delight. . .granita and a brioche. Very little nutritional value, but good for the soul, as we sat and people-watched on a side street in Ortigia.


Remember the marina where we parked because we’d be able to find our car? Ti sciocca, silly us. . . We are on an ISLAND, for god’s sake! So under the Sicilian afternoon sun we walked, we asked, we back-tracked, we found the car.

NOTE TO SELF: before the next trip, print out a map of where we’re going and have the parking attendant mark an X on the parking lot!!!!

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